Posted by: ryanmccoskey | April 2, 2010

a good friday and a good lesson in planning

Today is good friday. I think that’s supposed to be capitalized. I could just click my cursor there & fix it. But I’m not going to. I think it’s better this way; less orthodox.

We celebrate good friday because it corresponds with the historical crucifixion of Jesus Christ. That’s not an orthodox story. It’s the day we killed God. No we didn’t overpower Him – nobody coerces God. God the Son submitted to this death because God the Father ordained it. But just let it sink in for a moment; we celebrate the day that humanity committed the worst sin in history.

The Good News is that God used it for good. He’s perfect at that. Only He can take what’s awful about all of us & use it for our good. Quite a paradox, isn’t it? The men who drove in the nails (sinful men like you & I) had no regard for the things of God. They were bold & willful in their wickedness. Yet without knowing it, they slayed the perfect, unblemished sacrifice for humanity & thus made their own salvation possible. That’s absolutely mind-blowing.

Human authors have written some pretty compelling stories, but nothing like this. This is the ultimate saga. It was written by God before He laid the foundations of the earth. And it’s true. Don’t let today pass without thinking about it.

On a different note (an exponentially less important one) the water well on our new property was supposed to be dug on Monday. It got pushed to Wednesday. Then it was moved to Thursday. And then it was moved to today. I don’t think it will get done this week at all.

This causes problems because you cannot install a sprinkler system until you’ve dug a well. By the way, for those of you who don’t know, the reason for digging a well is to avoid using city water on your lawn. Water can get expensive. By digging a well, you can water your lawn for free – well not quite free. You do incur the cost of digging the well & the electricity to run the pump. But it’s a wise decision. You will make that money back in just a year or so by not using city water.

All of this stuff was supposed to be done before closing, which is this Tuesday. 4 days from now. It’s not looking so good. Ashley & I had detailed plans & those plans are looking more like illusions now. But that’s okay. It’s just a house, nothing more. (I tell myself that, but I’m not totally stoic about it).

This does provide a good lesson in planning. Here’s the lesson: the only reliable force in the universe is God. And so we’ve made it full circle back to the beginning of this post. Don’t let this weekend fall into your regular routine. Take some time to meditate on the historical significance of today & this Sunday.


  1. McCuckoo!

    I need to remember to check my “blogroll” more often. I enjoyed reading your recent updates. I’ll be thinking of you & Ashley this week as you embark on a new adventure. I’d love to see you and the house sometime. Well, here’s to staying connected!

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