Posted by: ryanmccoskey | March 31, 2010

telling stories and living the gospel

After 1 day, I now have 1 committed member of the adventure party. I must admit, that number is smaller than I expected. It’s also smaller than I wanted. I really wanted 21 members, which is the number of those I invited; but wanting & expecting are two different things. I expected one third of that – 7 adventure party members. But it’s okay. We’ll just go Lewis & Clark style until you’re ready.

However, don’t think you have fooled me. The glorious tool we call “blog stats” has traced your presence. It’s really quite intriguing. You see, I invited exactly 21 people to this adventure on Tuesday March 30th, 2010. And there were exactly 31 viewers of my blog on that day. So I’m just going to assume that all of you are at least marginally involved in this journey.

Just so you know, it is my intention to post pictures in the future. We will take possession of the property this coming Tuesday. So I have a little less than 1 week before the madness begins. Ashley & I will soon be discussing colors of paint, lawn seed, a vegetable garden, flowers, blinds & probably 100 other things I desperately don’t want to pay for. It is my intent to begin taking pictures of the options & asking for your opinion. I hope you will soon become fond of the comment button…

On a separate note, last night I was doing some thinking. I went to the gym for an intense workout & tried to figure out why I have a desire for all of you to read this. I think I have 2 good reasons. First, I love telling stories. That’s kind of a family thing. My dad’s dad was an incredible storyteller; in fact, he was a superstar storyteller, perhaps even bard status. He would have played a harp during his stories, but he lost his fingers in a gasline piping accident – which is one of his great stories.

Secondly, I think we should all live in Gospel community. Ashley & I lead a community group every Thursday night. But we also meet on Sunday mornings; and Wednesday nights; some of us play volleyball on Monday nights; we meet for Scrabble on Sunday nights; and we occasionally get together for a movie night or something ridiculous like that. We do this because we are the body of Christ, and anatomically speaking, bodies tend to stay together.

I guess what I’m trying to communicate is that a house (or a home) is not a family fortress. It’s not a place to lock out the world. I will admit, I like to think about finishing my basement with a projection screen so I can rule the world in Wii Tennis. But ultimately, that’s not why God has given me a basement. He’s provided a basement so that my community family can come over & remember the Gospel with Ashley and me through the Word.

So those are the two reasons I could think of – ([of which I could think], for those of you who hate dangling participles). Reason 1.) I want to tell you stories & Reason 2.) in some small way, I want to make sure that our house doesn’t become anything more spectacular than a box with four walls that God has given us to serve and love our small & big family.

Well, I hope you don’t hate reading this blog yet because I won’t even own the house until Tuesday. I still have hundreds of projects to begin & advice/opinions to get from you. Perhaps by the next time I write a post, we will have more committed adventurers…


  1. In the meantime…you could tell us about HOW you went about choosing your new home and pursued getting it, the processes, lessons learned, challenges and triumphs. (For people like me…considering taking this adventure myself…would be especially helpful!)

  2. I don’t own a house, but I’m on board w/whateva.

    I enjoy reading your writing, Ryan.

    Looking forward to more 🙂

    Hopefully I’ll learn something for when Candace and I decide to purchase a house.

    Stay well, my friend.

  3. Ashleigh, I would love to tell you how we went about purchasing our home! That will be the next post. I’ll include you in the Facebook reminder if you’re my friend. I think you are. But you know how Facebook is – 1 Bazillion friends & only 20 you communicate with regularly.

  4. Cary – I miss you! You had to pull an eskimo & run off into the snowy hills of Colorado. I’d like to retake “Media in the classroom” with you again. That class was ridiculous, but we had a good time anyway. Has it made you cutting-edge educator?

  5. I’m following your blog Ryan, so don’t be discouraged!

  6. I’m following you too Ryan! No worries I always enjoy a good bard when i hear/read one:) Plus I always love giving my opinion on the decisions to decorate your house…like which double oven to get.

  7. Oh no, Brooklyn. The double oven is dead. Deader than George Washington!

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