Posted by: ryanmccoskey | November 10, 2009

It’s Semper Fidelis Day

234 years ago today, the United States Marine Corps was formed. Originally called the Continental Marines, the Marine Corps was formed by a resolution of the Continental Congress (America’s first legislature during the Revolutionary War).

I’m not a marine. In fact, I’ve never served this country in formal uniform. But I enjoy American history, and I value my freedoms. I think this is an important day, and I have a few words to say about it.

Do you know what also happened on November 10th in history? On November 10th, 1942, Nazi Germany took Vichy France. Lest you think “Vichy” is a place, it is not. “Vichy France” is synonymous with “Vichy Regime.” This is the common name for the government that organized France at this time.

The vastly different implications for these two events, which occurred on the same day in history, appears ironic to me. On the one hand, you have the creation of the Continental Marines, a volunteer force of spirited patriots who desperately believed in political freedom and small government. And on the other hand, you have a vulnerable people whom are conquered by the tyranny of a madman, his hopelessly brainwashed countrymen and a fascist, juggernaut government.

As long as men are ambitious to wield power and oppress other peoples, there must be some organized force in this world that seeks to protect that which needs to be protected.

So this is my small way of saying thank you. Happy birthday, Marine Corps.


  1. Great post. I rode my motorcycle on November 8th to commemorate Veteran’s Day. I fly a flag every day of the year of my house and believe in America.
    November 8th (since you’re a history buff) is a very important date for Vietnam Vets and was highlighted the other day that I rode. I’ve posted the link to Operation Hump, but basically, we lost 48 paratroopers and the VC lost over 400…
    Thanks for your post and your patriotism.

  2. Thanks Ryan

    November 10 is special to Marines. I call or email my Marine brothers that I still have contact with every year at this time. We have a quick laugh, call each other names, and then we are on with our day. I lover the guys I served with and we all love this country. America isn’t perfect but from what I can tell it still ranks number 1.

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