Posted by: ryanmccoskey | June 8, 2009

Watt’s Up with the Lack of Accountability?

The U.S. government’s inability to “practice what it preaches,” so to speak, is never a colorless topic. The irony for this week comes from the Department of Energy. As with most government agencies, it’s easy to waste tax dollars when you’re not earning them.

Over the last several months, the government has been in the business of handing out money like it’s going out of style. Bailouts, stimulus packages, financial incentives, debt restructuring programs – and don’t forget – Department of Energy objectives. In fact, $38.7 Billion of the stimulus funds went to the Department of Energy in order to develop more efficient methods of creating and using energy.

Interestingly, the department’s devotion to their own mission needs some serious reinforcement.

The results of a recent audit showed that the Department of Energy does not follow its own recommendations for responsible computer monitor use. At one particular site, all 20 of the department’s computer monitors  were set to never shut down. And at another site, 44% of the computer monitors were set to shut down after 48 hours of non-use, which is 144 times longer than their recommended standard.

The auditing team concluded that the Department of Energy could save $1.5 million annually if they held to their own guidelines.

Perhaps the most frustrating aspect of this event is the unfair reality that government departments are not plagued by layoffs, despite their wasteful use of resources and lack of direction. Instead, they are rewarded in times of hardship; if it wasn’t for the bailouts, the Department of Energy would have never seen that $38.7 Billion!

As for how this affects us Wichitans, I think we should be mindful of our energy usage, no matter how low the bar is set by the Department of Energy.

If only energy was like the U.S. dollar. We could just call up the Federal Reserve and have them print some more electricity.

The government monitors of energy failed to monitor their own monitors - How's that for convoluted government-speak!?!

The government monitors of energy failed to monitor their own monitors - How's that for convoluted government-speak!?!


  1. Great article, the government’s attitude to debt is so fundamentally flawed it’s no wonder we ended up as we did last year.

    • Thanks for the comment. Yes, I tend to agree with you regarding the government’s outlook on debt. Then again, if you and I owned the Federal Reserve printing press, we would probably take a different view on debt, too! Buy it now, print it tomorrow, and pay for it later – then deal with the inflationary pressure after the crap hits the fan.

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