Posted by: ryanmccoskey | March 25, 2009

My Website Creation Journey

My business website is finally up and running. You can check it out at

It has been quite a journey. In fact, it’s almost been like The Lord of the Rings. I, like Frodo Baggins, set my mind on a far out goal (the only difference is: I’m not a hobbit, I don’t have a magic ring, and I never traveled to Mount Doom), but other than that, it’s totally identical.

Nathan Jones was my Samwise Gamgee. This website wouldn’t have been possible in any way, shape or form without him. When I got discouraged and wanted to give up, he picked me up and forged ahead. He lifted my spirits, let out a primal cry to the heavens, and shook his bloody fists at the odds. I told him to stop shaking his bloody fists because it kept getting my house dirty.

Kyle Ferguson designed the logo. He’s a peach of a man with a brilliant mind for graphic design. I gave him a list of ideas, and he just ran with it. When he showed me what he came up with, I fell out of my chair in joy, and then decided what I liked the best.

The creative juices required to birth a brainchild like a website is staggering. Every time something comes together, it falls apart and needs to be rethought. One day everything looks like it fits, and the next day it doesn’t look right. This process was one of patience and learning for me. I guess I learned that accomplishing a task like this is all about putting together a huge amount of ideas, and then honing them all down into one coherent thought. It’s all about telling a story in a sentence, or even a word.

Nathan was an integral part of this journey. I’d submit an idea, he would tactfully explain why it was terrible, I would see and understand his point of view, and then we would make it better together. It was a relational dynamic of give and take, point and counterpoint.

Above all, it was fun. It’s pretty amazing to see months of work come together into a final product.

I’d like to thank the Save the Gerbils Foundation for their inspiration. This also would not have been possible without my grandma’s sister’s cousin’s friend’s belief in me. Although I’ve never personally met this distant friend of my grandma’s sister’s cousin, I was encouraged by his/her belief in me. My wife was very understanding throughout this operation. When she found me in a shed maniacally taping newspapers to the wall and solving algorithms within the text, I assured her it was all part of the website creation process.

Thanks for reading.

Ode to Nathan and Kyle

Ode to Nathan and Kyle


  1. Ryan, you’re a man among boys. You can harmonize my financial future any day.

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